Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artist's Way week 2

So far, so good. I am afraid though, that I'm going to enter into this 'resistance' phase that keeps being mentioned. Funny, because I picture a group of the Artist's Way resistance fighters in the back of the room yelling out negative comments, much like the critic in my brain does. Maybe I am dealing with the resistance afterall. Viva la' France!

Today in my morning pages I decided I've had enough gearing up time and that I need to re-commit to my relationship with writing. Enough with the procrastination already. It occurred to me that one of the reasons I've been feeling pretty good the past few weeks is due to the practice of writing the morning pages. In a way, for me for right now, that is writing again. Just an aside, I refrained from saying, 'the reason is because' because Sarja would have my head on a grammar platter.

I also realize that I'm posting this six days after the 2nd weeks class, already behind the 8ball with my own blog. Anyway, for tomorrow's meeting we are bringing in a favorite childhood toy. I managed to find a box full of barbie dolls with bad hair cuts that I will bring in. One of those dolls was grow-up Skipper; when you twist her arm behind her head she grows a half inch taller and boobs pop out from her flat chest. I'm guessing a guy created that one. Apparently, Ken must be in Iraq or something because I have his clothes on hangers, even a military jacket, but he was no where to be found.

Perhaps I'll wash the musty doll clothes in some oxy-clean in honor of Billy Mays while I refrain from listening to Billy Jean, from the songs by famous pedophiles collection. Instead, I will remember the Farrah like hair the Barbies once had before they met their fate with my scissors. And, I don't know how to tie in Ed McMahon - but he was a great entertainer.

Until the next class -

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