Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping. No Turning Back.

Time to make the beans, continue packing, stop fretting, cut up cheese, remember to pack serving spoons (done), clean the house for the pet sitter to enjoy because we'll be Catalina bound tomorrow by 5 a.m.

Now that I've seen most things fit into the two duffel bags, I feel a little better. Although yesterday I had a freak out moment when I spoke with Catalina Express regarding the 70 lb. weight restriction, assuming our cooler would weigh more, I asked if we just pay extra - that is the American way isn't it? Well, it may be American but it's not Catalinan. They are very strict about the baggage policy. Quick remedy, a few of the group are bringing empty coolers, whew!

It's funny how even though we have a well organized list of what everyone is bringing, thanks to Allison, there are still the texts, phone calls and e-mails about paper towels, scissors, plates and dish soap. Notice how we all know who's bringing beer, wine, vodka and tequila.

I am looking forward to settling in to our campsite, pitch the tent so to speak and then - - relax. Swim, nap, kayak, eat drink and be merry. I'm hoping to have that slowed down sense of time where you have no idea what time it is and don't care - when you're just guided by internal primal urges that tell you, 'hungry now', 'sleep now' - and we can act upon it in that moment.

This may all turn out to be enjoyable afterall . . . and if not, then the cats have a $45 dollar toy.


  1. just waiting for the follow-up blog post to say how much you enjoyed camping and being able to embrace all of those primal urges as they manifested...and how excited you are for the next camping experience...

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  3. I know! I know! I haven't even looked at my blog since this last post - bad blogger.