Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Potato Gratin and Contemplation

This is just a short little blurb inspired by the delicious smell of a potato-parmesan gratin I just took out of the oven combined with the overcast sky and time of day; 4:30.

You know the time when the cats are napping quietly, the TV is off and you might heat up a cup of tea while sitting at the computer writing something?

Well, I was writing ‘something’ (can’t commit 100% that I’ll ever complete it) having to do with how my parents told me I was adopted all those years ago – and I couldn’t remember when the letter came in the mail from the Family and Children’s agency that handled my adoption that had some factual information on my ‘genetic’ background.  Sounds so futuristic for 1964, like I was cloned.

Turns out it was 1977 when the letter came.  I was 13 years old. That's when I learned for the first time that I am of Romanian, Polish and Irish descent. Maybe that’s why I love potatoes so much and was inspired to bake the gratin.

Anyway, it just struck me that I couldn’t remember how old I was and that it was a pretty pivotal time in my life.

If you’re interested in the gratin, I just took a bite and it’s pretty tasty. I sliced up some white-skinned potatoes, layered them in a buttered dish, poured a combination of 1 cup whipping cream and 1 cup milk combined with some grated parmesan (1/2 cup), garlic and salt and pepper. Baked it at 400 for about 45 minutes.

Our wine shipment from Turley just came, so maybe we’ll open the bottle of the Charbono (a variety of grape) from Tofanelli Vineyard to go with the steak and potato meal for this Irish lassie and her hubby.

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